I can help rediscover the real you.


I am dedicated to giving a complete holistic treatment, whether for relaxation, rehabilitation or as part of a fitness / health program. I combine Eastern and Western philosophies of massage, stretching and breathing for an individually tailored treatment.


Sports Massage


Whether you have a long standing sports injury, or have suffered a recent setback – sports massage can help. I have helped a wide range of athletes from Sunday level footballers through to elite level tennis players.



Stephen Swords London – What I Offer


Holistic Massage

Holistic / Relaxing Massage


Traditional table-based massage using oil and either light or deep pressure. Great for anxiety relief, relaxation and overall well being.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage


Not just for sports people! Works for releasing deeper tension and pain. Improves flexibility, mobility and range of motion. Is used for treating sports and chronic injuries such as ingrained whiplash, scoliosis, RSI etc.


Thai / Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage


Fully clothed massage incorporating stretching, breathing acupressure and massage. Great for relaxation, flexibility and mobility.


Have a long standing physical issue?


I can help to relieve physical ailments – both old and new.



Complementary Therapists Association