What is Sports Massage?

Not just for sports people

Modern life and sedentary working can create very tight muscles and posture. Treating these ailments uses the same techniques as more traditional sports injuries.

Injury prevention and rehab

Injuries can be prevented by having stronger and more flexible muscles with a greater range of motion. Sports massage can help to provide this, as well as treating pre-existing conditions.

Is it for me?

Whether you are sitting down at work all day or have related posture problems, sports massage is for you. Similarly, as the name suggests, this is perfect if you have a sports injury or are looking to improve performance or prevent future injuries.

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Sports Massage Explained

Sports massage is for anybody, not just athletes. Whether you train a little bit, a lot or not at all. Sit at a desk too long? Drive too much? We all develop little things we do that cause pain and discomfort, sports massage uses deeper techniques to release deeper tension and pain patterns from the muscleo-skeletal frame that build up over time and repetition, than traditional Swedish/Holistic massage. This improves mobility, range of motion, energy and muscle tone on a deeper level.

Helps with….

  • Sports injuries
  • RSI
  • Postural issues
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Chronic / old injuries

Booking Information

If you’d like a massage you can visit me. I have residence at health clubs in both Chelsea and Barnes. Alternatively I offer home visits throughout West and South West London.

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